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Because every room deserves sweet design

Janel Joppie

Owner / Interior Designer

Janel has been in the residential construction field  for over 25 years,  Her work has earned over dozens of  awards and has been featured in numerous magazines such as Grand Rapids Magazine, Cosmopolitan Home, Lake Living and Michigan Home.   

Janel's strength is her all encompassing knowledge of the entire construction project, from framing to financials, drafting to decorating.  This knowledge gives her the ability to assist the client in every phase of the project on a level that most "designers" lack. 

Dana Rickers

Owner / Retail Store Manager/Designer

Dana has over 10 years in the retail furniture & accessories industry.  She  spends much of her time researching products and upcoming trends. Dana has worked with clients in creating cohesive and unique spaces using fabrics, custom furniture and hand selected accessories.  She also brings with her a talent for art and sewing and has allowed us to expand our offerings to include custom pillows, bedding, draperies and custom artwork.  

The Support Team


Assistant Without Complaint
Dave has earned his Masters Degree in Art and Design and has been part of the Room Candy team for over 5 years.   Dave's creative eye to use balance, composition and texture is a huge asset during the staging and installation phase of our projects.


Floral Designer and Fluffer

Bev has been in the creative field for her entire career, she specializes in creating our famous floral creations.  

Her talent is featured in many of our projects and has been featured in the Grand Rapids Parade of Homes. 

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